What Exactly Is Rolled Ice Cream? Where Does It Come From?

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What Exactly Is Rolled Ice Cream? Where Does It Come From?


Now that the days are getting longer and the weather will hopefully start getting warmer, there’s one thing that is definitely on our mind: ice cream! Because, really, all it takes is a little bit of blue in the sky and we’re already reaching for the freezer.

One of the best things about being an ice cream aficionado these days is the sheer variety of ice cream that is readily available. Gone are the days of having to choose between just chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. Nowadays, you can get ice cream in almost every form and flavor imaginable, from salted caramel to green tea to even horseradish and blue cheese, it seems the only limit is your imagination… for better or worse!

One ice cream trend that has been taking the world by storm over the past couple of years is rolled ice cream. If that doesn’t ring a bell yet, don’t worry. Just read on to find out everything there is to know about this delicious concoction that’ll leave you desperate to try it for yourself!

Rolled Ice Cream Dickson City

So, what is rolled ice cream? Well, rolled ice cream, sometimes also called stir fried ice cream, hails from Thailand, and gained popularity in the Philippines, Cambodia and Malaysia before making its way over to the US.

Rolled ice cream is distinct from other varieties of ice cream in that it is made to order, rather than being made long in advance and frozen. A signature street food, one of the best parts of having rolled ice cream – aside from eating it, obviously – is watching it be prepared.

Rolled ice cream is prepared on an anti-griddle, which is the exact polar opposite of a hot plate. This anti-griddle looks like a pizza pan and is extremely cold, around -5 degrees F. Your liquid ice cream of choice is then poured onto the anti-griddle and scraped and spread flat using metal spatulas or paint scrapers. Your toppings of choice – which can be anything, but we like berries and Oreos – is then chopped and added in and scraped around to add in air.

The ice cream quickly freezes solid, at which point it is scraped up at an angle, creating beautiful rolls of frozen ice cream that are placed carefully into cups then adorned with more toppings of your choice. The end result looks like the most delicious bouquet of flowers that you ever laid eyes on.  It is no wonder that such an Instagram ready desert became so popular.

While rolled ice cream started out as a street food, its rising popularity means that it can now be enjoyed in ice cream parlours across the world. Enjoyed for the theatre of how it’s made as much as how good it tastes, rolled ice cream is something that we definitely think everyone should try at least once.


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