What Are Some Dairy Free Ice Cream And Yogurt Options?

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What Are Some Dairy Free Ice Cream And Yogurt Options?

In our last blog post, we talked about some of the best vegan frozen desserts we’ve come across. This time, we’ve decided to focus in on two specific frozen desserts that we think everyone should be able to enjoy: Ice Cream and Yogurt.

Yes, when the days are hot and you need a cool, refreshing sweet treat, few things hit the spot as well as an ice cream or a frozen yogurt. As we’ve said before, we think everyone should be able to enjoy delicious desserts no matter what their dietary requirements are. Luckily, in the day and age we live, there are readily available dairy free alternatives for almost every flavor you could imagine.

Here are some of our favorite choices that you can make at home

Dairy-free vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream should be a staple any self-respecting dessert lover should be able to whip up. The great thing is a dairy-free version is easy to make and delicious too! Simply use soymilk, soymilk powder and apple cider vinegar in place of cream and dairy milk.

One of the reasons we think dairy-free vanilla ice cream is one of the best ice cream flavors out there is that it is a great base. You can use the vanilla ice cream to make milkshakes, sundaes, even ice cream cake, or just spice it up with a handful of delicious toppings.

Chocolate ice cream

Of course, vanilla is all well and good, but few things can satiate your sweet tooth as well as a few scoops of tasty chocolate ice cream.

For a lovely, rich, creamy dairy-free chocolate ice cream, mix your melted chocolate of choice in with some blended aquafaba, along with some cashews and vanilla essence, then leave it in the freezer till it is perfect.

Remember, most dark chocolate is naturally dairy free, just be sure to double check before eating any.

Mango ice cream

We know that not everyone out there is a chocoholic, and when it gets really hot there is something extra refreshing about sharp, fruity ice cream flavors.

A personal favourite is definitely mango, as the tropical flavors are a perfect match with the coconut milk used in its recipe. For this ice cream, just mix a can of chilled coconut milk with mango, vanilla and maple syrup, then freeze until it reaches the perfect consistency.

Strawberry frozen yogurt

We find that strawberry frozen yogurt is a great choice if you are looking to give your kids a treat that is a little bit healthier than chocolate ice cream.

For this delicious sweet treat, mix coconut yogurt, agave, lemon juice and frozen strawberries in a liquidiser then let it freeze for at least 5 hours. For an extra touch, cut up some fresh strawberries and scatter them on the yogurt when it is served.

Remember, these are just some of the countless dairy-free ice cream and yogurts out there, and you can make any you want using your favorite ingredients and flavors.