Things to Know About Renting a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

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Things to Know About Renting a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Thinking about renting a soft serve machine? Sweet! They totally turn a great party into an awesome one! Below are listed some things to be aware of as you plan to use a soft serve machine for your wedding reception, birthday party, or other event.

1. Transportation: Most rental companies require that you pick the machine up and return it to them. This seems simple enough- but be sure to bring the man power you need to lift it (generally two to three strong people), as most soft serve machines typically weigh around 220 pounds. They don’t fit in a small four door car, so plan on bringing a van, a SUV, or truck to transport it.

2. Electricity: Several soft serve rental companies rent out a Taylor 152-12 machine which runs off of a standard 20 volt outlet. 20 volt outlets are found in most homes in the kitchen or bathroom. The machine runs on 16.2 amps which means that if you attempt to run lights or additional appliances on the same circuit, it is likely to trip. Just make sure that nothing else is plugged into the same circuit as the machine and it should work properly.

3. Loudness: These soft serve machines produce noise while they are running. If you are using it in a large room or outdoors, the noise is not going to be an issue. But if you plan to run the machine in a small space or a quiet environment, be aware that you will experience the sound of the machine amid your party. (Most people don’t mind the noise, as they are just excited about the ice cream!).

4. Quantity of ice-cream: Taylor manufacturer says that the Taylor 152 machine produces 120 (4 oz) servings every hour or 2 servings per minute. If you plan on a large party or reception you have a couple of options. First, you can decide to rent two machines to keep the ice cream flowing throughout the evening. This should solve many of the “waiting time” issues. Second, you could decide to serve mini ice cream cones or have other food to eat while the ice cream takes 2-4 minutes to replenish. In reality, the machines can produce ice cream faster than 2 cones per minute, however, when the machine runs at a pace higher than its capacity, the soft serve becomes softer. If you run it too fast, you may have to let the machine catch back up for a minute before you make any additional cones. Again, if you have a large event (over 100 people or so), I would recommend renting more than one machine.

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