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Many of us are fond of eating sweets. Actually, it’s the delicious way of enjoying traditional treats. Obviously, when talking about sweets, desserts are usual things that come up in our mind. Generally, deserts contain high amount of sugar and fats. No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, time will come that you will look for something sweet to eat. On the other hand, there are low calorie dessert recipes that you can try.

For many individuals who want to keep their selves healthy and slim, there are two options. The first one is to stop eating deserts. Yes, it’s easy to say but it’s quite tricky to do especially for dessert lovers. And the second option is to have low calorie dessert recipes. This can be a good idea. But then, it is important to consider your budget first before deciding. Here are some of the deserts that you can opt to prepare.

Single serving low calorie recipes:

·         Baked Apples – From the saying” an apple a day keeps the doctor away”; apples are rich in vitamins and doesn’t contain calories. This delicious treat is ideal for the whole family. The recipe is actually very simple. Just core and slice apples into two. Mix it with cinnamon, granola trapping and natural sugar. Place the mixture in a small bowl. Bake for about 10-15 minutes until softened.

·         Frozen banana bites – bananas are not just for banana splits. It could become a healthy desert by mixing several ingredients. All you need is a single banana, 1.5 tbsp of white chocolate and 15 chocolate chips. No baking. Just cover the cookie sheet with a wax paper as it will be place in the freezer sooner. Cut the banana in half and arrange it on the plate or a sheet. After that, you can place 1 chocolate chip on each half. For the meantime, dissolve the white chocolate and wait for about 15-20 seconds until it’s totally melted. Place it on the freezer and wait for about 20-25 minutes before serving.

Multiple serving Low calorie recipes:

Chocolate Cream with Strawberries


·         150 grams strawberries (12 pieces)

·         1 tsp gelatin

·         1 tsp vanilla essence

·         1 tsp castor sugar

·         300 gram soft tofu

·         2 egg whites

·         2 tbsp pure cocoa


Melt the gelatin by adding cool liquid on it. Then, Mix the cocoa with 60ml hot water until it melts. Add the steam tofu with the vanilla essence and the cocoa mixture. Place it in a medium-size bowl together with the gelatin. Beat the egg whites until it starts getting dense. Add sugar and beat until it looks glossy. Mix the chocolate cream and let it cool down before serving.

Poached Apples In Grape And Mango Syrup


·         5 – 10 firm apples

·         4 cloves

·         500g white grapes (20 to 30 pieces)

·         1 tbsp honey

·         1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

·         250 g low-fat yogurt

·         1/2 l mango juice

·         1/2 l white grape juice


Place the mango juice and white grape juice with the cloves. Make sure that the pot is large enough for the apples. Peel the apples then put them in a pot. Boil for at least 35 to 40 minutes until the apples soften. Remove the pot from the stove and let the apples cool down. Add the syrup and reduce the heat for at least 40-50 minutes. Meanwhile, mix the cinnamon, honey and yogurt in a small bowl. Put the apples on a small plate together with the yogurt mixture. Arrange the grapes side by side in the plate. Pour the syrup to the place. Let it cool down before serving.

There’s nothing wrong to be tempt with sweet deserts. As long as you rely on low calorie desert recipes, you can enjoy delicious deserts and maintain healthy diet at the same time. The only technique to reduce the amount of sugar and fat products is to mix it with fruits as much as possible.

Source by Ian Chance Elbanbuena