Entrepreneur brings frozen yogurt, rolled ice cream to Bear Creek Commons

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Entrepreneur brings frozen yogurt, rolled ice cream to Bear Creek Commons

The frozen yogurt void that many Wyoming Valley residents have felt is finally over, just in time for the Spring.

The YC opened up its doors to the public on Friday without much fanfare. But when customers step inside they will get the vibe they are part of a music festival with the bright lights and loud music playing.

“We want a fun environment for all to enjoy,” said The YC owner Byron Read, 43, of Old Forge. “If the music isn’t playing, I’m livid.”

The new business moved into the Bear Creek Commons space formerly rented by Hoopla in just 30 days, according to Read.

Read is not a first-time yogurt shop owner. He’s been operating the highly successful The YC in Dickson City for nearly a year.

However, The YC is not just your ordinary yogurt/ice cream shop. Read says what really makes his business stand out by offering hand-rolled ice cream and a new industry trend, homemade gourmet popsicles.

“We are the only rolled ice cream (shop) in the area,” Read said of the delicacy, which originated in Thailand. “The closest rolled ice cream to Luzerne County is in Philadelphia or New York City.”

The new business is very “inclusive,” according to Read. He said he offers four vegan flavors of rolled ice cream and will cater to people who enjoy sugar-free ice cream and yogurt.

Business plan

Read aims to avoid the pitfalls of so many other yogurt businesses in the past.

“We don’t weigh the yogurt and all the toppings a person decides to place inside the cup,” he said. “People don’t want to spend $20 for a cup of frozen yogurt.”

Read has been able to surpass that by offering five different sizes of cups that customers will have to pay only one set price and can put as much yogurt and toppings inside as they want.

Although fan favorites chocolate and vanilla will be offered, Read warned that customers should not get too comfortable with the 16 flavors of ice cream The YC will have, because he plans on rotating flavors every two weeks.

Read said he will debut a signature series at The YC of “semifreddo” flavors — a mix between gelato and yogurt — that will allow him to be innovative. He hinted at a bevy of delectable combinations including a blend of pistachio and strawberry cheesecake.

Over 50 toppings are available from sprinkles and crushed-up Oreos to gummy bears and fresh fruits.

Read also feels the downfall of many frozen yogurt businesses has been due to their use of water-based yogurt.

“When you use mixes, you tarnish the quality,” he said. “At The YC we use high-end quality products.”

The YC affords customers the opportunity to partake in an online rewards program. For every $5 a customer spends they receive a star. When a customer gets to 10 stars they get $5 off their next purchase.

Read said the business will be open on Sunday through Thursday from 12:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday’s The YC will be open from 12:30 p.m. till 10 p.m.


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