Healthy Smoothies Recipes for Energy

When you’re feeling tired a healthy smoothie recipe may give you a better energy boost than caffeine. Smoothies with fruits, almond, soy milk or dairy milk, tofu and yogurt can raise your blood sugar level and keep it stable longer. You’ll also feel full and be more alert without the danger of crashing. Tips for […]

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Healthy Treats You Can Give To Your Dog

Various types and brands of dog food claim that their product is tasty, hearty, safe, and full of healthy nutrients that your pet needs. These products can indeed be the perfect meal for your dog. But aside from dog foods, your canine friend will also benefit greatly when you give them treats from time to […]

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Four Ways to Make Your Desserts Healthy

A certified sweet tooth will surely not give up on one thing – eating desserts. Whether you're a self-confessed sweet-tooth, or just someone who decided to find healthy choices when it comes to eating desserts, here are four ways on how you can make your sweet escapades guilty-free. 1. Experiment with fruits – fruits have […]

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