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Regular Party Package: $21.99 per person – package includes all items below.

15 Children Minimum. $150.00 Deposit Required.

Theme will be “Learn how to roll ice cream”…all party attendees will be taught how to roll ice cream.  

CONTEST The person who rolls the prettiest roll will get a $20.00 gift certificate to the YC.


  • There will be three ice cream roll pans going and three ice cream chefs working.
  • Birthday girl will receive a YC T-shirt.
  • Beverages such as bottled water, juice bags, soda is included.  Must be determined pre-party.
  • Requested music can be played for duration of party.
  • Sheet pan cake to be provided with forks, candles and plates.
  • Balloons and selfie backdrop included.

Parents of the birthday girl receive FREE 12oz self serve w/unlimited toppings.
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