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Diabetic Food Pyramid Guide

Fundamentally, the Diabetic Food Pyramid Guide is associated with lifestyle. The credit of framing a food pyramid for diabetes goes to American Dietetic Association and American Diabetic Association. The pyramid includes foods with rich carbohydrates and protein contents which are primarily recommended for diabetics. In this category we have grains, vegetables, and fruits with starch…

Benefits of Almonds – A Natural Fat Burner!

Discover the incredible weight loss benefits of almonds, how to best prepare them and how much you should eat to get maximum benefit from almonds – one of nature’s amazing fat burning foods. We consider almonds to be nuts, but in reality they are seeds from the fruit of the almond tree. However, similar to…

Sugar – Your Health vs Politics – Always Read the Ingredients Label – Part 2 of 2

Well – read on from Part 1 which covered Sugar, HFCS and Synthetic Sweeteners! When a food label indicates “sugar”, it refers to sucrose, the white, chemically refined cane or beet completely void of any nutrients of the originating plant, a compound that nature could never have invented. It is not only indigestible; the body…

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